Time For A Better VA

The VAHA provides many healthcare benefits to our veterans but with a backlog of over 190,000 disability claims, many veterans have been waiting for years to receive these benefits. To compound the problem, this administration has become bloated with many of the top-level positions having salaries of over $200k plus bonuses. Monies that should be utilized to hire sufficient personnel to process claims, it is being spent on the bureaucracy. There is an issue for veterans that are receiving healthcare benefits and don't live near VA hospitals. These veterans have to travel great distances and due to the shortage of personnel, scheduling is erratic and so far off, that treatments would be useless. This particular issue can be fixed by incorporating into the system private hospitals and clinics that are near the veterans. Lastly, we lose, approximately, 25 veterans to suicide because instead of receiving proper psychological treatment, they are treated with mind-numbing drugs. If you have experienced issues with the VA Health Administration or know someone who has, let me know about it and together, we’ll come up with solutions.

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