The National Debt

At 23 trillion and counting, it is time to stop it from increasing, if not, at least slow it down. I know that it is a daunting task but we must start taking a bite at the time.

There are many suggestions as to how to go about it but there are some that say that cutting foreign aid, cutting government worker's salaries, reducing the subsidy to public TV and radio is nothing more than a rounding error. I'll take the rounding error. Anything is better than doing nothing when it comes to something like this.

Along with reducing the size of the Federal government, an appropriate reduction to non-contributory entitlement programs can be made and the saving applied to the debt. Contracts with the military complex should be audited for outrageous price gouging and renegotiated to reasonable levels just as President Trump was doing. Increasing the Gross Domestic Product will contribute a hefty amount to the debt but the best way to increase the GDP, it to lower tax levels all around, which has worked every time that it has been tried. Pork should be cut out, completely, of the budget. Allocating money for silly studies or items that don't do anything for the well-being of the country, can be saved and applied to the debt.

Every little bit can add to a great amount that can be applied to the debt. If you have other ideas or suggestions that can contribute to down-paying the national debt, let me know in the comments.

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