Thank you for the great evening!

Our campaign for common sense conservative values is off to a flying start. We have to be thankful for in this country, but we also understand that we have to face the challenges that are before us. Our lack of commonsense representation is hurting the citizens of the 12th district. We need new representation that will work for the district and represent their interest in Washington.

With the generous support of our hosts and guests we were able to start move closer to that goal. Because of them we spread our conservative vision for the 12th district and move closer to taking back the House! We appreciate everyone who was able to attend and look forward to seeing those who were unable to come at our next event.

Our campaign is just getting started! We have to keep working to flip the 12th. If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of our team, please sign up by using the button below or consider making a financial contribution.

With your help we can flip the 12th district and take back the House!

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