President Biden’s Disastrous Budget

Dear Friends,

President Biden has proposed a $6 TRILLION dollar budget that is reckless and out of control. We cannot sustain this irresponsible spending. Please donate to my campaign today so I may go to Congress and be a voice for conservatives and reign in the spending!

President Biden is also going to allow the Trump tax cuts for low and middle income Americans to expire. Therefore, 65% of Americans will see their taxes go up under Biden’s plan. That is a tax increase American families cannot afford.

Biden made a campaign promise not to tax and spend if he was elected to office. However, he has broken his promise because that is what he is doing. We cannot afford to go down this path. It is time to bring fiscal responsibility and accountability to the federal government.

This is exactly what I intend to do once elected as your congressman. I will reign in government spending and advocate for a balanced budget amendment. We as a nation cannot live beyond our means. Please consider contributing $50, $100, $200 or what you can to my campaign. Together, we will bring fiscal responsibility and transparency to the federal government.


Francisco Rios

Republican Candidate CD-12

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