Official statement on the American fatalities in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, plunging into dark chaos.

My condolences to the families of the Fallen Heroes from today's terrorist bomb that was set off at Kabul's airport. I pray that nothing else happens and that we can get all Americans back home safe and alive.

I know that many Americans are going through the same feeling that I'm going through: Sorrow for the loss of life, Embarrassed that our country looks weak because of the actions or lack of action from President Biden, and Helplessness that the only thing that I can do is donate money to organizations, such as The Nazarene Fund, who are trying to get not only Americans but Christian converts out of Afghanistan.

Pray that we can get all Americans back home because if we don't, we'll have the same hostage situation that took place in 1979 with Iran. We'll know by August 31st how dark this situation will get. This is what President Biden should have done last week that would have given us a chance to come out of this situation with a good chance of success (

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