Critical Race Theory (CRT)

There is a lot of frustration and bewilderment about CRT. This outcome is by design. CRT is framed so that, if criticized, you are to feel guilty, ashamed, and ignorant.

CRT is not compatible with Capitalism. It goes contrary to our Constitution and against our religious beliefs. It has roots in Marxism or communism, which has failed everywhere that it has been tried but the disciples of it lived on to keep it alive. To understand CRT, you have to go back to when it was just called Critical Theory in the mid-1900s, in European communist academia. Because of the stigma, communist ideals had to be rebranded to Critical Theory. The keyword here is theory. If you read Marxism and the Critical Theory principles, you will see how it works. It is supposed to tear everything apart and pin people against each other so that the only option to make everything right is communism.

In the late 1960s, Critical Theory was adopted in the US and because of the civil rights movement, the word Race was added. So, now, the component of racism has been added to the Critical Theory killjoy list.

CRT proponents know that they cannot get American adults, well, half of the country, to adopt these theories. The next best option is to indoctrinate our children at school when they are away from our control and view.

We need to extricate CRT by any means and not let it get a toe hold anywhere. The Federal Government and the States need to uphold their oath to the Constitution and not let communism be part of our country no matter what name it uses to disguise itself.

Let me know if you have any other insights into Critical Theory or Critical Race Theory and solutions to get it out of our schools and government.

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