Afghanistan, Exit-Stage-Left

Ops! Not a very orderly or uneventful departure and the timing is awful. A thousand paratroopers were sent over the weekend to fix President Biden's goof and a brigade (3,500-4,000 paratroopers) was sent to Kuwait on standby. This reminds me when I was in the 82nd, in the mid '70s, when my battalion was placed on high alert due to the conflict in Middle East with Israel. That was a very tense and uncertain moment.

I pray that this situation doesn't escalate and that no Americans get hurt. At least, we know what not to do the next time that we declare war and what not to do when exiting the war stage or theater as is called.

Please take note that the Federal Government is doing things that it's not supposed to be doing. It's doing things that are beyond the limited powers given to it by us. It was inept at nation building of other countries and now it wants to manage every aspect of our lives. It's time to reset the Federal Government back to it's limited powers.

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