Affordable? Care? Act (ACA or Obamacare)

I'm no healthcare or health insurance expert, and it looks like the Federal Government is neither. As I've stated in a previous post, these cute, catchy titles given to Acts and laws sound good on paper, but they tend to do the opposite in practice.

This Act is only affordable if you stay below the federal poverty level, which for 2021 is $44,660. These poverty guideline amounts change yearly depending on the government's formulas from the government "experts". Don't get any notions of improving your lifestyle by increasing your income or increasing your family size. Is the ACA really affordable when you have deductibles as high as $12,000 and out-of-pocket maximums of nearly $14,000? Thank you, Supreme Judge Roberts, the mandate placed on individuals and businesses affects the rest of us not enrolled in Obamacare. Companies that can't or won't comply with the mandates will do anything to protect the bottom line, and as a result, some are left unemployed or reduced work hours or with no healthcare insurance.

The Care part of the ACA is also questionable. Depending on the healthcare plan, appointments are set months apart, and the quality of care is low due to long waiting periods for medical procedures and surgeries. This poor quality of care is typical for socialized healthcare across the world.

My vote goes to let the insurance companies, care providers, hospitals, companies, and individuals work out the details of premiums, cost of service, and quality of care. Healthcare insurance should be made portable across states, and to that end, the Federal Government should make that possible. After all, it is one of the limited powers that the government has to make it possible for open and encumbered commerce across the states. Now, suppose some sort of Act is needed to provide healthcare to those under the poverty line. In that case, something can be created to provide temporary help until individuals or families can provide for themselves. Still, any proposals should be made only with the approval and consent of taxpayers.

Let me know your opinion about Obamacare, if you were affected by it, and other solutions or suggestions.

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