Francisco has lived in North Carolina since 1998 excluding the three years spent in the military at Fort Bragg. Francisco served in the 82nd Airborne Division as an infantryman and artillery parachutes. He rose to the rank of sergeant E-5. At end of service in 1977, and without the prospects of advancement to other units of interest, left for Tampa Florida to start life as a civilian with the wife and two children. Francisco has spent most of his adult life working in data centers and in 2019, was dismissed from his job due to economic turmoil. Luckily, after being dismissed, he started his own business, fixing computers, programming, CCTV, and security.

After a lifetime of work and raising his family, Francisco has decided to serve country again by running for House of Representatives in North Carolina’s District 9. Since Francisco has not held public office, at any level, he is not burdened with the maladies that many representatives suffer from once they reach office.


Reasons To Run 

The main reason that Francisco is running for office is to give his constituents the means of controlling how he should vote on the various bills and committee matters. The first part of his campaign slogan is "Fiduciary Representation" and just like a realtor or financial adviser, he will put the interest of his constituents first before others and his. The second part of his campaign slogan is "Representation by Communication.